Bandit offers strategically positioned non-slip sport bands that give you grip where you need it and feel when you want it.

Gloves are costly, wear out quickly and compromise feel especially in the fingers where you need it most.

Bandit Sport Bands give you long-lasting durability, all-weather tackiness across the entire hand while still allowing you to use your fingertips which is paramount in almost every sport we play!

• One size fits all
• Ambidextrous
• 2 different textures
• Wearable when not in use

Bandit Sport Bands have been used in the following sports:

• Golf
• Weightlifting
• Tennis & Badminton & Pickle Ball (other racket sports)
• American Football (worn by running backs & wide receivers)
• Baseball (worn under baseball glove and at bat)
• Hockey (worn under hockey gloves & by goalies under blocker & trapper)
• Soccer (goaltenders)
• Cycling
• Car Racing
• Horseback Riding
• Bowling
• Cricket
• Curling
• Fitness
• Gymnastics
• Rugby
• Hang Gliding
• Big Game Fishing
• Climbing
• Billiards / Pool (U.S.)
• Shooting
• Horse Racing

For quantities over 20 please contact Steve Auger at for wholesale pricing.