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Steve Auger - Top 100 Teacher - Director of Instruction Trillium Wood Golf Club
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  • bronze stage
    The Set Up (Pro Impact Golf’s 4 Fundamentals)

    The sole focus of the Bronze Stage is the proper “Set Up” which consists of Pro Impact Golf’s 4 fundamentals: Grip, Alignment, Posture & Ball Position. Graduation from this level will occur when these fundamentals are both fully understood and put into work on every swing.

  • silver stage
    Swing Path, Swing Plane & Pivot

    Once the “Set Up” position is intact, the Silver Stage studies and hones in swing path, swing plane mechanics and proper pivot (weight transfer). Graduation from this stage is granted once our targets are met with these three components and when they are attained with regularity and ease.

  • Gold stage
    Understanding Your Personal Impact Position

    The Gold Stage is where our unique Pro Impact Golf philosophies and structures can be put into work with our focus squarely on the understanding of your individual specific impact position and how to routinely repeat this position in the golf swing.

  • Platinum Stage
    Working Ball Flights and Trajectories Relative to Impact

    When you are considered a Platinum Stage player you will be of sound comprehension of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Stages. Graduation from the Platinum Stage is assigned when you have grasped the total concept of your individual specific impact position and how to work shots of all flights and trajectories through Pro Impact Golf’s theories.

Steve Auger is Experienced

A teaching professional since 1998.

Trained under David Leadbetter at David Leadbetter Golf Academy in Lake Nona, Orlando Florida.

Played and practised with Canadian golf legend, Moe Norman, at Royal Oak Golf & Country Club in Titusville (Home of The Canadian Professional Golfers' Association). 

Competed professionally on various mini tours from 1994-2004

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Steve Auger is Accomplished

Director of Instruction at Trillium Wood Golf Club.

Multiple winner of "Top 100 Teacher" award.

Co-host of Canadian Golf Magazine's "The Audio Podcast", aired weekly.

Taught his branded teaching techniques and philosophies to several golf professionals.

Ability to relate to both the novice and advanced player.

Committed: with relentless passion for golf and a genuine love of the game.

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